Kimberly Lentz, CEO/Owner

2nd Generation Kim is the youngest daughter of Founder John Marken. Holding a degree in education, she joined her father in 2004 to be groomed for ownership of the company. In December of 2009, Kim was named President of the company. On December 18, 2016 Kim took Full ownership making JD Carpets Inc. women owned and operated with minority status.

Stephanie Canatella, Office Manager

Stephanie is the oldest daughter of CEO, Kim Lentz. She has been involved in the business since 2017. She has recently been promoted to Office Manager and hopefully follows in her mother’s footsteps. With her involvement in the Volunteer Fire Department, Stephanie wants to put her customer service skills to use by helping you with whatever is needed.

Melanie Canatella, Corporate Photographer

3rd Generation Melanie is the youngest daughter of CEO, Kim Lentz. She is finishing he photography degree and assists with photography when needed.

  John Marken, Founder 

John Marken, Founder – Deceased

On December 4, 1969, John and Dolores Marken founded JD Carpets, Inc. John dedicated his life to build a legacy that his family could continue for years to come. Throughout the years, John kept the business alive and thriving with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. John retired and passed knowing that his girls would continue his legacy with honesty, grace, and integrity.

We follow the “Golden Rule” by promising to treat you the way you wish to be treated and giving you the best possible price with the best possible service, making customer service our #1 priority.

Our staff here at JD Carpets consists of 2nd and 3rd Generations with Kim (CEO), Stephanie (Office Manager), along with the help of family friend, Aaron (Vice President).

Women Owned and Operated!

“Kudos and a very special thank you to our corporate photographer Melanie Canatella.”

Thank you John Marken for creating the business, as well as, the dedication you have put in throughout all the years.